Index of Books researched:


        L.P. Alaux et R. RUAUX. Le decline de Hellenism, Paris, Payot 1916,

        L’ Asie Mineure Grecque (1919) by Felix. Sarttioux. Representative of the French ministry of culture visiting Asia Minor from 1912 to 1920

        “Secrets of Bosporous’ by Henri Morgenthan Ambassador of US in Constantinople published in  London.

        L’Hellenism en Thrace et a Constantinople. By Alfred Berl

        The History of Ottoman Empire 1280-1924. By D. Kitsikis Visiting Professor to the University of Bogazitsi, Consultant to the Turkish President Tourgout Ozal.

        Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Memoirs. Compiled by Ilhan Aksit.

        Kemal Ataturk, les chemins de l’Occident, 1999. By Alexandre Jevakhoff.

        Two alternatives for the ”Eastern question”Introduction to the article included an article written by the same author during 1905.“The Balkan question” Published by Luigi Villari, John Murray, London. Article by James Brice  Published 1912.

        The largest movement of population in history.  The tragedy in Near East with the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. Article: By Melville Chater 1925. Republished in The National Geographic Magazine Greek Edition. Spring 2000.

        Reforms in Ottoman Empire. Article by Emily Thomopoulou,  University of Joannina.

        Peramos of Kyzikos. By G Sgouridis.

        Smyrna in Flames. Article published in Mikrasiatiki Echo April 2004 edition.

        The Infamy of a Great Betrayal. By Dr John Murat, 1997 International Standard Book No 09600356-7-2

  •  Ambassador’s Morgenthau’s story. Heath W. Lowrey The Isis Press Istanbul 1990

Payot  publications of Documents of 1st World War. See link bellow:

Εíκοσι Εξ μήνες εν Τουρκία  η Ελληνική έκδοση στην Κωνσταντινούπολη έκδοση

Εστία  μετάφραση  Μιχαήλ Σοφρονιάδης

To be continued.