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A list of Books and other sources researched

The story of Consolidis family members that abandoned their home and property in Kirkagats and came to Greece as refugeesin devastating conditions, following the defeated Greek Army on it’s retreat, during 1922.
The story of Kouzos Family from Peramosof Kyzikos with pictures of the persons and the areas they lived. 
An attempt to consolidate historical information about  the  long confrontation between Greece and Turkey taken from both Greek and Turkish sources
A speech made by Nancy Horton the daughter of George Horton the  Consulate General of USA  in Smyrna  during the period of the conflict and specifically during the 1922 destruction.
The historical events in a chronological order. Pictures attached
A historical reference to the  origin of Greeks in Asia Minor and a table with numbers of Greek population that lived in various towns before 1922.
An analysis of the political and historical facts that led to the current state of Cyprus. 
A summary of Ataturk’s views and involvement.
Archive of various Pictures of my family.

 Links with other sites of intertest provided

This site is published by Greek organisations, that give their views of the Greek and Armenian Holocaust in Asia Minor.

A really dramatic display of the horror, as seen through the eyes of the Greeks, Armenians Assyrians and Greeks from Pontus (black sea minorities).  

The Turkish National war of independance

Historic reference from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs.

 Historical background as perceived and advertised by the official Turkish State.

A summary of the Asia Minor catastrophy described by the Greek Ministry of Foregn affairs.
A link to the Assotiation of Smirna refugees who live today in  Athens Greece and maintain a full record of photo’s, publications, videos, films and other historical information about Smyrna.
Extensive information about Peramos of Kyzikos and pictures from a trip “back to roots” made by Steve Manitsas a Greek American second generation Peramian.
  Description of Peramos  and the story of the destruction of the town, translated from “PERAMOS” a  book written by a Peramian, George Sgouridis. This is also part of the site  produced and maintained by Steve Manitsas (see above) 

This site is very well preserved and has been discovered by a lot of Greek Americans who  share similar roots and interests. A beautiful and very comprehensive site to visit. Particularly interesting is the Kyzikos Contacts page that includes letters of Greek Americans identifying relatives or friends

with same interests or origin.

Translation from Sgouridis Book on Peramos now under link:

An other site with the Greek point of view  well maintained information about Asia Minor History and other Historical facts.
The Compulsory Population Exchange of 1923 A Brief Note on History

The Turkish point of view of the treaty of Lausanne on Emigrants from both sides, the Greek and the Turkish. 

Foundation of Lausannne Treaty for Emigrants, a Turkish site.