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Back to root videos taken during travels to Turkey, in search of my family roots  in Constantinople, Peramos, Kirkagats and Smyrni,

Back to the roots Nick Kouzos (Part.1)

(The first attempt to find traces of family roots, starting the story from Istanbul (Constantinople)

Back to the roots Nick Kouzos (Part.2)

“Arriving to Peramos”
(Traveling from Lesbos island (Mitilini) across to Asia Minor coast and traveling further deeper, up to Kirkagats town, home of the other branch of the family, Konsolidis  branch)

(Part 4.1)  Trip to Kirkagats

(Part 4.2 Trip to Kirkagats
(Part 5) Trip to Smyrna
The following link is a unique and authentic evidence of what has happened in Smyrna during 1922


You are informed of a 35 mm film transferred to digital in 2008. It can be watched at:            

The creator of this video Robert Davidian found the film made by his grandfather at his grandmother’s NYC apartment in 2008 and made it digital. He  writes as follows on the above website under the video:

“The Great Fire of Smyrna is the name commonly given to the fire that ravaged Izmir/Smyrna from 13 to 17 September 1922. Turkish armed forces systematically burned the city and killed Greek and Armenian inhabitants. This is based on extensive eyewitness evidence from Western troops sent to Smyrna during the evacuation, foreign diplomats/relief workers based at Smyrna and Turkish sources.” – Μήπως τελικά δεν ήταν … «λόγω του συνωστισμού»;